Bike Buses

Michael Wallace Elementary School

Bi-weekly Tuesdays (June 11th and 25th remaining this year)
Belvedere Park through Angel Ct
Michael Wallace Elementary School bike bus map

St. Stephen’s Elementary School

Weekly on Friday Mornings, weather permitting
Riding along Isleville St starting at Columbus at 8:20

This bike bus is the Friday edition of the walking bus that takes the same route and approximately same time.
There is some communication done through our Facebook Messenger group chat.
St. Stephens walking bus map with bike bus start

Ecole St. Catherine’s School

Weekly on Wednesday mornings, rain or shine
Riding along Connolly St, starting at Almon St at 8:15am

Le Marchant St Thomas

Friday Mornings until the end of June 2024 (including the last day of school)!
Riding along Windsor St. from Lawrence St, through Quingate MUP and Vernon St Bikeway. Departs Quingate MUP around 8:30am